Changes to fees and charges

Changes to fees and charges and refuse rates

Chargeable costs for Environmental and Regulatory services

Some changes and additions to fees and charges are proposed. A schedule of the proposed changes is published in the Draft Annual Plan as part of the supporting information – see the ‘Supporting Information’ link on this site.

Dog registration

  • Registration fee for first/second dog – increase from $30 to $35 per dog.

Solid Waste

Some changes are proposed to charges for refuse and recycling, and for waste disposal.

  • Recycling targeted rate – increase from $80 to $89 as a result of increased recycling processing costs due to the international recycling situation.
  • Organic wheelie bin – decrease from $210 to $206, reflecting improved operational costs.
  • Refuse 240-litre wheelie bin – increase from $407 to $415
  • Refuse 80-litre wheelie bin – increase from $136.40 to $139
  • Pines Resource Recovery Park general waste disposal fees – increase from $242 to $257 per tonne. Reflecting operational, landfill disposal fee and transport increases.

Trade Waste Bylaw

The Council is introducing a new Trade Waste Uniform Annual Charge under its Trade Waste Bylaw 2016. The charge will apply to Permitted Dischargers and cover the administration costs relating to the Trade Waste consenting process. The charge will be set at $160 (including GST) per year. Operating costs for the wastewater service provided to Permitted Dischargers will continue to be recovered through the rates assessed for each property.

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