Why does the Council have a Gambling Venue Policy?

    Councils have responsibilities under the Gambling Act and Racing Industry Act to play a part in regulating gambling, and must have policies about Class 4 gambling (pokie machines) and TAB NZ venues. 

     The policy has to be reviewed every three years.

    What powers does the Council have under the Gambling Act and Racing Industry Act?

    Under the legislation the Council has to set a policy which outlines rules and regulations on gambling venues in Selwyn district. The policy caps the number of gambling machines, sets limits on the number of venues, takes a position on merging locations and on relocating machines and venues, and proactively regulates venues with gambling machines. The policy also sets out where TAB NZ venues can be established. 

    Our Council, however doesn’t have authority to:

    • control hours of operation of TAB or pokie venues
    • close down an existing gambling venue
    • be involved in decisions about what happens to proceeds of gambling - where and to whom proceeds are distributed
    • regulate casinos, internet gambling, Lotto outlets or any other forms of gambling.

    When did the Council last review its gambling venue policy?

    We last reviewed it in 2018.

    How many gambling machines and venues are currently in Selwyn district?

    There are currently 122 pokie machines operating at 13 venues in Selwyn district, all outside residential areas. There are no TAB NZ stand-alone venues in Selwyn.

    What's proposed?

    The draft policy proposes keeping the maximum of 124 machines allowed in the district and the same rules:

    • existing pokie machines can be moved to new venues, provided the new venue keeps the same number of machines and meets all other policy criteria
    • gambling venues continue to be allowed only outside residential areas in the district.

    Read Statement of Proposal and Draft Gambling Venue Policy for more information.