Selwyn's initial say on its future District Plan

over 1 year ago

Many Selwyn residents took the opportunity to let the Selwyn District Council know what they thought of the review of the current District Plan so far.

Are we on the right track? was the theme of the initial public consultation on a number of key draft changes for the future District Plan, which took place between 16 August and 8 October 2018 (except for cultural landscapes topic which was open for consultation until 23 October).

Environmental Services Manager Tim Harris says it’s important to be able to get public feedback at an early stage of the review.

“We are especially pleased to see submissions from those directly affected, which will help inform the potential shape and direction of the future District Plan before the detailed proposed rules and policies are drafted.”

In total our engagement hub Your Say Selwyn received over 5,400 views from people who were interested in the District Plan Review during the consultation period.

A total of 272 online surveys were submitted and the topics that received the highest numbers of surveys were family flats, night glow, sites and areas of cultural significance, housing development in residential zones, and home-based business.

While most people submitted their feedback via our engagement site, some had their say via email, phone calls or at one of the drop-in sessions that the Council held across the district.

“We received feedback from a broad cross-section of the district’s population and from every part of the district.

“We’re pleased with the quality of the feedback which showed a good understanding of the key draft changes to the current District Plan. I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to give us their feedback or attended one of our drop-in sessions,” Mr Harris says.

By asking people to engage at this early stage of the District Plan review process, the Council hopes for a better buy-in once the Proposed District Plan is notified for formal public consultation as people have been involved in the process from the beginning rather than near the end.

So what happens next?

Received feedback is now being considered and will inform the drafting of detailed policies and rules for the Proposed District Plan.

It’s expected that the Proposed District Plan will be notified in early 2020 for formal public consultation. The longer timeframe is due to the local government elections at the end of 2019 and ensuring the newly-elected Council endorses the Proposed District Plan before it is notified. After this, submitters will have an opportunity to speak to their submission at a formal hearing. Following the hearing, the Hearing Panel will make recommendations on proposed amendments and the Council will then make final decisions. We expect the new District Plan to become largely operative by March 2022, subject to any Environment Court appeals.

In the meantime, to be kept up to date on the District Plan Review, people should keep an eye on this website. All reports developed for the review can be found here, including post engagement reports for the topics that were consulted on, outlining what changes to the preferred option, if any, will be made as a result of the engagement to date. The post engagement reports are currently being developed and will be published as they get presented at the upcoming District Plan Committee's meetings.

Read the full engagement report on the initial public consultation or check the engagement summary dashboard on the initial public consultation.

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