Why the 27 local roads?

    The 27 local roads have been identified because they have:

    • been subject to further subdivision development. Where this has happened, the current designated urban traffic area needs to be extended to include the area of new development
    • been proposed as part of the Waka Kotahi‘s Road to Zero safety strategy
    • been requested by residents/road users and considered appropriate in accordance with the Waka Kotahi's Speed Management Guide
    • had the speed limit signs in place or changed already but now the speed limit has to be formally adopted.

    My road isn’t included, but I would like its speed limit reviewed.

    Under the new national regulations (Setting of Speed Limits Rule), we will need to produce a speed management plan for the district. We plan to engage with the community when we start developing the plan and you will be able to make submissions on any speed limits at this time. We expect to start this process in early 2022.

    When will speed limits change?

    Speed limit changes on the 27 local roads will be in force and new signs installed by December 2021.