Prioritising road safety issues in Darfield

by Alasdair, 05 November, 2018
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Now we've had a few submissions on our road safety issues map (please keep them coming!), we're starting to see a few common themes.

The issues you've all identified so far are split between physical issues (for example, potholes, visibility issues, and inadequate signage) and risky behaviour (e.g. drivers not obeying speed limits, no stopping signs or stop signs). Which do you think is more important to address?

Quite a few have identified specific issues regarding school children - in your view, does the presence of children make the issue a higher priority? How about for cyclists, or pedestrians, who are less protected?

And how about the type of vehicle? There have been issues identified around trains and heavy trucks, which are less common vehicles but potentially pose a higher risk. Does that make these road safety issues more important?

We'd love to hear your views. All views are valid - and of course please remember our Forum Etiquette Guide.

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Consultation has concluded

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