Key draft changes for the future District Plan

over 1 year ago

The Council’s District Plan Committee has endorsed the following key draft changes for further development:

  • Amending the definition of family flat to make it clear it’s a minor residential unit which needs to be held in the same ownership as the main dwelling and is associated with the main dwelling.
  • Removing the requirement that only family members can live in a family flat. As result there would be no limit on who may occupy the flat.
  • Developing new standards which a minor residential unit needs to comply with, if it’s to be allowed without a resource consent:
  1. Only one minor residential unit per site is permitted.
  2. Limit the maximum floor area, excluding garaging, based on the zone (not district-wide as at present).
  3. Minor residential unit needs to be located within a certain distance of the main dwelling.
  4. Additional car parking and open space is provided for the unit.
  5. Unit uses the same accessway as the main dwelling.
  6. Maximum height is single storey.
  • Reinforcing that the unit will still need to comply with the boundary setback and site coverage rules applicable to the zone.
  • Subdividing a minor residential unit from the main building becomes a non-complying activity unless it complies with the density requirements.