Key draft changes for the future District Plan

over 1 year ago
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The Council’s District Plan Committee has recently endorsed the following draft changes for addressing identified issues for further development, which we’re now consulting on:

  • A potential reduction in the amenity planting/plantation threshold of four hectares.
  • Redefine the term ‘plantations’ for the new District Plan to avoid confusion with the National Environmental Standards for Plantation Forestry defined ‘plantation forestry’ term.
  • Increase the maximum width of a ‘shelter belt’ from 20 metres to 30 metres.
  • Amend the wilding tree species restriction list to be consistent with regional documents.
  • All significant vegetation would continue to be generally permitted unless located in an area of high landscape value (Outstanding Natural Landscapes (ONL) or Visual Amenity Landscapes (VAL) areas) or a noted cultural site.
  • Place restrictions on certain vegetation within ONL, VAL, and noted cultural areas, such as:
    - Plantation forestry being a non-complying activity within an ONL and a controlled activity within a VAL.
    - Controls on amenity plantings, shelter belts, and plantations within ONL/VAL and cultural site areas, depending on the nature of the planting. For example, domestic garden and native vegetation local to the area would be permitted while on the other hand there would be restrictions on woodlots or orchards.
For more information on draft changes to ONL and VAL areas see Selwyn District Plan Review: Outstanding natural features and landscapes.

For more information on cultural landscapes check out Selwyn District Plan Review: Sites and areas of cultural significance.