Why are you considering night glow as part of the District Plan Review?

The current District Plan doesn’t have any specific policies or rules that manage night glow across the district, aside from rules related to West Melton Observatory Lighting Area and general lighting and glare rules. To be able to determine what’s the best approach for managing night glow we need to first understand how important this matter is for the Selwyn public. We also need to hear from the public what they consider would be the most appropriate levels of control to protect the night sky.

How can night glow be controlled?

There are different options for managing night glow and protecting the night sky. For example, through a policy and/or rules in the District Plan either district-wide or in identified areas, or through non-regulatory and voluntary initiatives, such as initiatives currently being adopted in Martinborough. Services that the Council delivers, such as reserve lighting, could also make an appreciable difference.

Within the District Plan, new rules wouldn’t affect existing activities using outdoor lighting but could apply to new activities.

How would businesses and homeowners be affected if new rules were to be introduced to control night glow?

It’s too early to say how Selwyn community could be affected. Before actual changes are considered further, we want to hear from the public how important night sky visibility is to them, and how and where, if at all, the Council should be controlling lighting across the district to mitigate night glow.

If any new rules for managing night glow are considered to be introduced there’ll be an opportunity for feedback during the formal public consultation that will follow once the Proposed Plan gets notified. This is expected to happen in early 2020.

Where can I find more information about the District Plan Review of night glow to date?

For more information about the Council’s preferred option for draft changes to intensive farming and all the work done to date as part of the review visit Council website where all the reports developed for the District Plan Review are kept.