Other Speed Limits

7 months ago
The speed limits within the Claremont subdivision off Waterholes Road did not have a reduced speed limit put in place when developed. Therefore, a 50 km/hr speed limit is proposed. On Shands Road the 80 km/hr speed limit begins south of Selwyn Road. With the application of the 80 km/hr speed limit on Robinsons Road between Selwyn Road and Shands Road, the change in speed limit near the Shands Road intersection has signs installed in front of Broadfield School. This has caused some confusion and added to the existing sign “clutter”. To remove the need for signs near the intersection it's proposed to extend the 80 km/hr speed limit on Shands Road to south of Robinsons Road. Ivey Road off Dawsons Road has a proposed 80 km/hr speed limit because it has been omitted when the reductions were put in place on surrounding roads.

Consultation has concluded