Rural School Speed Limits

7 months ago

Rural schools (on roads with 70 km/hr or greater) have the 40km/hr When Children Present signs installed.

On roads with a 80 km/hr speed limit a variable 40 km/hr School Zone speed limit is considered appropriate and has been requested by those schools (Weedons and Broadfield). With the reduced school activity outside of the peak times on these rural roads a permanent 40 km/hr speed limit is not appropriate.

The variable 40 km/hr School Zone speed limit requires the installation of electronic signs and agreement by the school to operate them. There is no current funding for the sign installation so the implementation of the speed limit would have to wait until funding is approved. Until that time the existing "40 When Children" signs would remain.

The only school on a rural road with the 100 km/hr open road speed limit is Greendale School. With the low traffic volumes, low school activity and activity on one side only the 40 When Children Present signs are considered appropriate.

Ladbrooks School is within a 60 km/hr speed limit. If a 40 km/hr speed limit is implemented it would likely replace the whole of the 60 km/hr speed limit which is considered incongruous in that rural location.

Consultation has concluded