Why are you considering increasing the maximum width of a ‘shelter belt’ from 20 metres to 30 metres?

This is to improve consistency between the new District Plan and the National Environmental Standards for Plantation Forestry.

Why are you considering introducing and amending existing restrictions on vegetation within outstanding natural and cultural landscapes?

The Resource Management Act designates the protection of outstanding natural landscapes and sites and areas of cultural
significance as a matter of national importance, so the district plan needs to have rules to protect them. Inappropriate
plantings, such as non-native plantings and commercial forestry, can lessen the values of an outstanding natural landscape area or a site or area of cultural significance. For more information on cultural landscapes check out Selwyn District Plan Review: Sites and Areas of Cultural Significance.

Why are you considering reducing the threshold between amenity planting and plantations?

The draft change in threshold is to more accurately reflect the effects that various size and type of vegetation can have on the surrounding environment. For example, a three hectare orchard could currently be classified as an amenity planting.

What wilding trees are you considering to have on the restricted species list?

See below list of currently listed wilding trees and proposed ones for the new District Plan (proposed wilding trees are in bold) for which a landowner would need to apply a resource consent before being allowed to plant them in certain areas, such as an Outstanding Natural Landscape:
- Bishops pine, Pinus muricata
- Contorta (lodgepole) pine, Pinus contorta
- Corsican pine, Pinus nigra
- Douglas fir, Pseudotsuga menziesii  -European larch, Larix decidua                 -Maritime pine, Pinus pinaster
- Mountain pine and dwarf mountain pine, -Pinus mugo and Pinus uncinata
- Ponderosa pine, Pinus ponderosa
- Radiata pine, Pinus radiata
- Scots pine, Pinus sylvestris.

Where can I find more information about the District Plan Review of vegetation planting related rules to date?

For more information about the Council’s preferred option for draft changes to vegetation planting, and all the work done to date as part of the review visit Council website where all the reports developed for the District Plan Review are kept.